Why Power Assist


Electric Bicycles (commonly stated as e bikes) have created a universal re-awakening of bicycling in the US.

There are several design categories in the e bike world that have people wondering which one is the best for them. Some have motors placed in the wheel hub and some have center drive motors which are installed where the pedal crank arm meets the frame. Some are assisted with a throttle. Some are assisted by pedaling.

Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles have our PW and PW-X center drive motors which operate with pedal assistance. By placing the motor low and in the center of the frame, the rider has greater control over the balance and maneuverability of the bicycle.

In addition, the integration of the motor as-one with the drive train increases the amount of torque. That power assistance, paired with the rider’s pedaling motion and quiet design elements, result in a natural assist which feels like an extension of themselves and not a mechanical influence on their bicycle.

So how does it work? Simply stated, these motors engage only when you are pedaling. The technology inside measures the rider’s pedaling force, the bicycle’s rolling speed and the RPMs of the pedals, then adds the right amount of power into the drivetrain. The level of power assist that the motor puts out is up to the rider and can be adjusted on-the-fly.


We Are eBike Riders Too

We are e bike riders, too.

You’ve wondered what was beyond the horizon, but didn’t know if you could make the distance. That huge hill on your route is on your mind before you reach it. You like commuting on your bike, but don’t want to arrive a sweaty mess. We are right there with you. That shared spirit is our inspiration to continue pioneering, innovating and creating e bikes that are made for riders, by riders.



What is so special about an e bike?

Our Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles allow you to ride farther, go faster, be in control, and finish fresher at the end of your ride. Have confidence knowing that you have chosen a bike that is comfortable, exciting, durable, reliable and will invite you to expand your world.




Take a closer look

Our new line of e bikes debuted at Interbike in Las Vegas this September. Take an in-depth look at the four models, which will be available in 2018.

Whatever your passion, we power it.



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