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Before Purchase

How do I determine the right frame size for me?

Determining the right frame size for your height is essential in maximizing the enjoyment you will have riding your Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle. Each Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle model is offered in 3 frame sizes (Small, Medium, Large). Please visit the model page that interests you to find a convenient size guide to help determine which frame size is right for you. Nothing beats a visit to your local Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle Dealer to get expert advice and assistance in determining the right size for you!

How fast will my Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle go?

Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles provide pedal assist up to 20mph. You can certainly pedal beyond 20mph if you choose, but that will be based solely on your own pedaling effort just as you would experience on a conventional bicycle.

Do Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles have a throttle?

All Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles are pedal assist only and do not have a throttle.


How do I warranty register my Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle?

Yamaha recommends the authorized Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle Dealer, at the time of purchase, warranty register your new Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle. Customers can also warranty register their new Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle by clicking here and follow the directions.

Where can I find the Serial Number on my Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle?

Each Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle has a unique alpha-numeric Serial Number that will be used to track the bicycle for warranty and other service related purposes. It’s important to locate and record the Serial Number at the time purchase. The Serial Number is located on a white barcoded label affixed to the seat tube. The Serial Number is composed of 11 alpha-numeric characters and will begin with X1M. Yamaha recommends that owners record the Serial Number on the inside cover of their owner’s manual in case the label on the bike becomes unreadable.

What is Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle’s warranty?

The drive unit, battery, rigid frame, and rigid front fork have a 3-year warranty. All other covered components are warranted for 1 year. To learn more, click here for all the details.

What to do if you have a warranty claim?

All warranty claims must be handled through an authorized Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle Dealer. Please contact your local dealer for assistance. If you need assistance in locating the closest Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle Dealer our dealer locator can help, click here.


What factors effect battery range?

Three of the factors that affect battery range are: riding style, riding conditions and load.

Riding Style:

  • Riding style’s impact on range depends on how much effort you want to provide versus how much assistance you ask of the drive system. Simply put, using higher power assist levels will decrease battery range greater than lower power assist levels. Speed will also affect battery range. Lower riding speeds require less energy from the battery than higher speeds.

Riding Conditions:

  • Riding conditions such as climbing, wind and temperatures all impact battery range. It’s no secret that riding up hills requires more energy from the drive system than riding on level ground. Head winds also require more energy to overcome and have an impact on battery range. Cold weather is another culprit in reducing range since battery packs perform best when warm. During cold weather, you can increase range by storing the battery indoors (between 59F and 77F) before use.


  • The weight of the bike, the rider and all cargo carried contribute to the affect battery range. And don’t forget about rolling resistance. Properly inflated tires will go a long way in maximizing the battery’s range.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Our 500Wh battery pack can be charged on or off the bicycle and will take approximately 4 hours to go from 0% to 100% charge. However, the battery will reach 75% charge in approximately 2 hours. The last 25% of the charge is completed on a slower cycle that is best for battery life longevity. In addition, it is always recommended to perform battery charging between the optimal temperature range of 59 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where can I dispose of Yamaha battery?

Do not dispose of Yamaha battery. Yamaha has arranged for our Li-ion battery to be recycled by Call2recycle free of charge. Please find your nearest drop-off location at

Usage / Maintenance

Can I ride my Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle with the power assist drive system turned off?

Absolutely! Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles can be ridden safely and feel natural with the drive system powered off.

Can I ride my Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle in the rain?

Yes, you can! Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles drive systems are weatherproof and can be ridden in the same weather conditions that you would ride a conventional bicycle.

Do Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles require special maintenance?

Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles require the same maintenance that you would perform on a conventional bicycle. There is routine charging of the battery, but that’s a small price to pay for the smiles you’re going to experience.