Frame Design

25 years of experience making power assist bicycles has helped us perfect the art of making bicycles that fit riders. The geometry, motor, and each component are specifically tuned and selected to meet the needs of each of the intended ride experiences.

Balanced Stack and Reach Dimensions

Why is it important to have a balanced and incremental differences within the size range?

We believe a bicycle with good geometry will help you maintain more control and increase the power that you generate which can result in longer lasting battery charge giving you more time to ride with power assist.

Many bicycles come in different sizes, but if you look closely at the geometry charts, sometimes the differences between "small" and "medium" are barely recognizable. Conversely, sometimes those dimensions are so far apart that you're left wondering which size you should choose.

We have created balanced and incremental dimension changes throughout our size ranges because a properly designed bicycle is one that has been created to fit YOU and not the other way around. It is one of the steps that we take to ensure that every rider can go farther, longer, faster, and in more comfort.

Yamaha Frame Features

Components Selection

  • E-Bike Rated Chain for Increased Strength and Durability

  • Tires Rated for the Demands of E-Bikes

  • Saddles Designed for Each Bike's Intended Use